Must see - some extraordinary places


Ronda's gateway forms a magnificent bridge showcasing amazing architecture and cliff face. The shopping is excellent too. 

Just over 1.5 hours away


Antequera is your nearest city and has everything you will need. Large supermarkets, small green grocers and bakers, great cafes and best of all The Castle which dominates the skyline as you approach.

Just about 30 minutes away


Granada probably one of Spain's best known cities. Historical to its core including The Alhambra and the Flamenco quarter.

Just under 1.5 hours away


Mijas is a beautiful whitewashed hillside town just away from the coast. Streets of cafes and shops easily navigated. Central massive car park too.

Just over 1 hour away

El Chorro

El Chorro is a staggering walk and viewing platform for those with a head for heights. Part of Caminito Del Rey.

Just under 1 hour away


Caminito Del Rey